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I've lived in Manassas since 1991.

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Thermostat Readings By Region
Residents in colder climates tend to set their thermostats lower at night in the winter than residents elsewhere in the country, according to a new analysis by Nest, a company that makes programmable thermostats.
In the Northeast and Northwest, nighttime winter thermostat settings tend to be set between 64 and 65 degrees. However, other parts of the country like it warmer with settings in the Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest averaging between 67 and 68.
“Colder winters in the North mean that those residents are likely more acclimated to the colder weather,” Michael Blasnik, a senior scientist with Nest, told The Wall Street Journal.
During the summer, most regions tend to keep their homes between 74 to 75 degrees at night and between 75 and 76 degrees during the day. The Pacific Northwest and California are exceptions. In the Northwest, the majority of home owners do not cool their homes at all, while Californians tend to set their thermostats higher than anyone else. Blasnik says that’s most likely due to the state’s dry climate making higher temperatures more tolerable.
Here’s a breakdown of the average temperatures by region, according to the study.
Winter                                                                      Summer
    •    Northeast: 64.64 night; 66.18 day               •    Northeast: 74.95 night; 75.19 day
    •    Mid-Atlantic: 66.68 night; 67.66 day            •    Mid-Atlantic: 74.85 night; 75.29 day
    •    Southeast: 67.19 night; 67.98 day               •    Southeast: 74.38 night; 75.31 day
    •    Midwest: 67.33 night; 67.83  day                 •    Midwest: 73.90 night; 74.64 day
    •    Southwest: 68.10 night; 68.70 day              •    Southwest: 74.55 night; 75.68 day
    •    Northwest: 64.92 night; 66.86 day              •    Northwest: 73.18 night; 73.53 day
    •    California: 66.06 night; 66.76 day                •    California: 76.35 night; 76.42 day
    •    All of the U.S.: 66.42 night; 67.42 day          •    All of the U.S.: 74.60 night; 75.15 day
Source: “Thermostat Temps Are Lowest in Homes in the North,” The Wall Street Journal (Aug. 26, 2015)